JATC Training

Local #58's Apprenticeship Program

Local #58’s Apprenticeship program is comprised of both classroom instructions and On-the-Job Learning. You will work during the day and attend classes in the evening twice a week.

Our state of the art school offers training in plumbing, pipe fitting and HVAC. Your will graduate from the school with the licenses, safety certificates and knowledge necessary to be a top quality craftsman.

The curriculum includes trade related math, isometric drawing, plan reading, welding & cutting, OSHA classes, soldering & brazing, medical gas installation, black flow prevention, steam, hydronics and air conditioning

The program consists of 5 years of on the job training and 5 years of attending classes at the J.A.T.C training center

The J.A.T.C (Joint Apprenticeship Training Committee) is responsible for the Apprentice Program. The committee is comprised of members from both labor and the contractor group. The contractors maintain a vested interest in the education of all the apprentices.

Our UA certified instructors attend class every year to stay up with new programs, techniques, and training.

Selection into the program is without regards to race, color, religion, sex or national origin.